What does Green Cleaning do for you?
We all know some of the dangers cleaning products pose on our environment. Less known are the more immediate dangers they impose on our health, especially to babies, children and people with respiratory illnesses. Eco-Domestics objective is to provide your family with a clean environment without exposing you to adverse chemicals found in most conventional products. These products have been linked to respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema. A study by the European respiratory journal found that regular cleaning chemicals can increase an allergy-free child’s chances of developing respiratory problems by up to 40%. Other studies found using a regular cleaning spray even as little as once a week raises the risk of developing asthma. Conventional cleaning products can contribute to high levels of air pollution in the home. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’S found in most household cleaning products) have been associated with a range of health problems including damage to the kidneys, liver, central nervous systems and different cancers. VOC’S are released when we use these products. VOC’S linger in the air long after we use them for us to breathe in, according to the article “An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality” by the environmental protection agency.
But we have the solution! Eco-Domestics is using plant based technology, and natural non toxic methods to reduce the chance of irritating respiratory conditions and reduce the chance of you developing these conditions. By using more natural cleaners you are benefiting your families health and creating a safer, cleaner environment for your loved ones.

What does Green Cleaning do for the environment?
When you choose us your making a vote to protect the environment. Our cleaning materials are made from sustainable manufacturing practises with naturally derived, safe, bio-degradable ingredients that don’t negatively impact our eco-systems. Conventional cleaning agents pump harmful chemicals into your environment. Changing to greener methods helps reduce pollution to our water and the air you breathe. It also minimalizes your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog producing chemicals. Small changes to your cleaning routine will inspire others to follow suit. Supporting eco-businesses will drive down the companies who are not environmentally conscious. The knock on effects of this will build a world we don’t need to protect from the impact of pollution and harmful chemicals.

Eco-Domestics does not use any products tested on animals or containing animal products. Eco-Domestics strongly believe every animal has the right to a cruelty free life.