Our Ethos & Legacy.

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Eco-Domestics was founded in 2018 as an eco-friendly cleaning business, with the vision of providing a clean, non-toxic environment for your family and friends, without the use of harsh chemicals to combat the affect that synthetic chemicals have on the environment. During the fast growth of the business, Caroline found that although there were many benefits to steam cleaning, customers still wished to walk into their home and be able to smell the freshness that came with conventional cleaning products. This is why our “Freshen Up! Room and Linen Spray” line was created. Eco-Domestics created an essential oil-based line to promote naturally derived products, that could still give the smell of freshness after our cleaning visits.



This became very popular among clients who started requesting the products. Slowly we expanded into local markets and fetes. In late 2019 it became apparent there was room for expansion, with more and more customers asking if we could start a candle range to go along side Freshen Up. Caroline and other members of Eco-Domestics then attended extensive candle making classes and courses to perfect the art of candle making. After months of vigorous training, practise and many trials and market research we decided to launch our aromatherapy candles alongside the ever-growing business.

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Entering 2021 our product range and demand continues to expand. With the owners of cleaning business moving areas, a business decision was taken to focus on the products over cleaning services. Although cleaning services are still offered in some areas of North London, our passion lies with producing high quality scents and blends within home fragrance to promote tranquillity, peace and clarity within your home. We can do this whilst using naturally based, vegan friendly products which has been our vision from the day Eco-Domestics was founded.

- Caroline Werge (founder)

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