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Supporting Small businesses is what makes the Economy go round in a much more sustainable way! We have created a list of businesses that support our products, whether it’s stocking them themselves or using them in their everyday practise. Take a look through some of the businesses we work closely with.

We white label candles for Michelle’s’ range of Grief Candles to go alongside her business. She is also co-founder of the Bereavement café and runs the networking group P.I.B. in Orpington which has been a huge factor in Eco-Domestics success, Michelle has supported this business in many ways, and we cannot thank her enough for this.


Visit to find out more about Michelle’s’ services.

Michelle Harvey
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Dawn Donovan
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Dawn has been a proud supporter of our candles and room-sprays from the beginning. She used our cleaning services prior to our pivot in business and happily tested our products from Day 1 helping us tweak them to perfection. She now stocks our room-sprays to purchase alongside her Beauty Business.

To find out more about Dawns fantastic services please visit

One One Seven is a small women's clothes boutique based in Farnborough Village. With its alternative fashion you are sure to be the best dressed in the area. One One Seven is a proud supporter of our business stocking our candles and room-sprays alongside their fabulous clothing lines. They were the first store to stock our products and in that we are forever grateful for taking us to the next step.

Visit to see their product range.

One One Seven
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Craig Minto
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Craig uses our candles regularly in his practise. Craig is a highly skilled acupuncturist and recognises that aromatherapy greatly benefits his business. He regularly passes on fantastic reviews and comments from his clients regarding our candles and we are happy to keep supporting his business and clients like he has supported ours.

To find out about Craigs services please visit

Laura’s Larder brings you good vibes and food supplies! Laura runs a specialist food store and delicatessen in Pettswood providing this area with quality foods, eco friendly refills as well as stocking our soy wax candles.

To find out more about Laura’s larder and the many quality products in store please go to

Laura’s Larder
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